Training across Uwezo East Africa

Uwezo Regional Office
Nairobi, Kenya
1st August 2014


Training is one of the key preparatory activities taken so very seriously in Uwezo. We are fortunate that over the years we have developed huge internal resource base, and can boast of having the best trainers all within the Uwezo family. And true to the East African spirit, we ensure that each country benefits from the best that East Africa had to offer! The Uwezo East Africa team comprising of three trainers, one from each country has been at the helm of ensuring quality training across the region. They support, inform, share and ensure adherence to Uwezo standards on training.

Uwezo uses a cascading training model comprising three levels; national, regional and district levels. The EA trainers preside over training in Uwezo Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania as the main trainers who offer technical expertise and train the trainers during the Training of trainers (ToT) meetings. Trainers then train District coordinators as well as the volunteers/data collectors within their individual districts. Training comprise of two sessions; a theory session and a practical, hands-on application of the Uwezo assessment tools during which field visits are conducted in schools and households. Uwezo organizes pilots in a district in each country where Uwezo assessment tools are tested as they as reviewed annually during which newly recruited District coordinators are introduced to Uwezo.

The EA trainers attend ToTs, regional trainings and national conferences. All the three countries have regions/zones where trainings are organized; this links all district coordinators and village coordinators in their respective regions to be trained on pre assessment activities during the regional trainings. Prior to the actual annual assessment a national conference is held and the regional coordinators, district coordinators are trained on the actual assessment process.

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Study: How parents recall the Uwezo assessment experience


Uwezo at Twaweza: Learning and Evaluation
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
11th June 2014

LQAS Report thumbnailThis report presents results from the Lot Quality Assessment Survey, which was implemented four weeks after the 2013 Uwezo assessment in Uganda, and was primarily a monitoring tool to check on the implementation of certain key aspects of the assessment.

The objectives of the study were:

1. To investigate the recall of the assessment itself, and recall of instant feedback (as per the 2013 assessment)
2. To investigate the reach and coverage of the Uwezo communication materials distributed at the time of the learning assessment
3. To investigate the parental engagement with their children’s learning through behaviors such as reading with children, and checking homework
4. To gather additional information relevant to Uwezo, such as parental preferences for the type of communication materials

Some key findings include:

  • 84.2% of the respondents had heard of Uwezo prior to the LQAS exercise, and 89.2% also confirmed that someone had come to their household to assess the children in the previous month.
  • Regarding the communication materials distributed through Uwezo, 81.6% of all households reported having received the calendar, 67.9% reported having received the poster, and 52.1% report having received the booklet.
  • Preferences were fairly evenly divided among the three types of materials, with a somewhat greater preference overall (at 38.4%) for the calendar
  • Just about half (51.1%) of all parents checked their children’s homework and 36.1% read with their child in the month before the survey; however, there was considerable variation among the groups of districts sampled.

For more details see the full report.

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East Africa Learning Assessment Report Launch

Uwezo East Africa
Kampala, Uganda
8th May 2014

Uwezo will be launching our latest East Africa Learning Assessment Report this Thursday (8th May), at Makerere University, Kampala.

If you are interested in attending, please send an email to info(at)uwezo(dot)net.

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Can your child read and count? Uwezo presents paper in Oxford, UK

Uwezo at Twaweza
Oxford, UK
7th April 2014ID-10026870

Twaweza’s Research and Uwazi Manager, Youdi Schipper, presented a paper to the March 2014 conference of the Centre for the Studies of African Economies, University of Oxford, UK. The paper, written by Sam Jones of the University of Copenhagen, Youdi Schipper, Sara Ruto of Uwezo and Twaweza’s Rakesh Rajani, provides the first comprehensive description of the Uwezo East Africa Learning Assessment Survey data.


The last 15 years have seen major changes to education systems in East Africa. Superficially, there is much to commend. Net primary enrolment rates have risen to over 90% alongside significant improvements in gender equity. Nonetheless, there are growing concerns that better access is not adding up to more learning. 

This paper introduces unique test score data collected by Twaweza’s Uwezo initiative for over 600,000 children across East Africa, including children enrolled and not enrolled in school. Using these data we provide evidence showing that many children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda remain functionally illiterate or innumerate, despite having completed multiple years of school.

The presentation is attached below.

Centre for the Study of African Economics 2014


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Twaweza and Uwezo Annual Plans 2014

Uwezo at Twaweza
Dar es Salaam
29th January 2014

Annual Plan 2014 thumbnailWe have just released our Annual Plans for 2014, both for our Uwezo initiative and our citizen engagement work. You can see what we plan to do and achieve, and some of the core ideas that inform our thinking. Plus expected outputs, potential partners and detailed budgets.

As part of our own commitment to transparency, we publish our annual operational plans and reports online. Plans and reports for previous years are available here, and our 2013 annual reports will be made available as soon as they have been approved by our governance and advisory boards – expected to be no later than May 2014.

Updated 3/4/2014 with minor changes to the plans.

Uwezo Annual Plan 2014

Twaweza Annual Plan 2014

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