Uwezo realizes generating evidence alone is not enough. We seek to share our information in a manner that better informs the public, stimulates nation-wide citizen debate and creates pressure for policy change from the bottom-up. We recognize that building a solid evidence base is necessary, but communicating our evidence is crucial if change in policy and practice is going to take place. We believe that concerned actors – whether parents or politicians, teachers or technocrats – will do the right thing when they are compelled to do so and have a clear incentive to act. Uwezo therefore places great emphasis on communication of findings; in fostering informed public understanding and debate about children’s learning and what can be done about it. Sustained flows of information, debate and ideas for practical action will create ‘pressure from below’ and an ‘ecosystem of change’ that will propel individuals, communities and eventually key institutions to act in response.

Uwezo are working hard this year on discovering innovative and exciting ways to share information about Uwezo with citizens throughout East Africa. Do you have any bright ideas about how we can better reach local communities in your area?

E-mail your suggestion for ‘innovative and exciting communication’ to info@uwezo.net