2014: Year of Learning and Experimentation: 

‘Beyond the Assessment’ 

Almost five years have elapsed since the concept of Uwezo was conceived. In the ensuing period, four national assessments have been conducted in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Many structures have taken root, many gains observed and the Uwezo theory of Change tested. Our internal reflections, informed by results of the external evaluation confirm that the time is now right to test our assumptions and ideas; and question our practices and indeed our culture.

Uwezo will extend the strategy period from four years to five years. Extending the Uwezo strategy period by one year offers an opportunity to address key questions and explore new components regarding the Uwezo theory of change and program design.

Uwezo currently stands at the precipice of the new strategy; one that can only be drawn if informed by the experience and learning of the first five years. The year 2014 offers the ideal moment in Uwezo’s history, in which the learning agenda takes fore, to teach and shape the future. The learning and experiments have been conceptualized within five core areas:

  1. Sharpening the Assessment Process
  2. Uwezo+ for Education+ Water and Health
  3. Experimenting with Communication
  4. Addressing the ‘so what’ question: Delving into Action
  5. Linking with Twaweza’s KiuFunza: Cash on Delivery

For more information, please download any of our Annual Plans or Strategy documents, listed below:

  1. Uwezo Annual Plan 2014

  2. Uwezo Annual Plan 2013

  3. Uwezo East Africa Strategic Plan (Updated)

  4. Uwezo East Africa Strategic Plan (Original)